Kitchen Extract & Supply Ductwork Cleaning Services

We clean ventilation systems to the Heating and Ventilation Contractors Association (HVCA) TR19 standards for both the public and private sectors.

Our specialist cleaning teams can cover all commercial kitchens from Restaurant, Pubs, Takeaways, Care Homes to Schools & Canteens. 

With Cleaning Services Group, you're in safe hands and our kitchen audits are conducted by highly experienced technicians who use a wet film thickness gauge to read grease levels at every point in the extraction system from the canopies and filters to the ducting and finally the extraction fan.

From the readings, an average micron level is calculated and if your kitchen doesn't need cleaning, we'll let you know. 

The audit process is fully photographed, and a full report is produced complete with micron readings, photographs and recommendations. Audit fees start at £75 + VAT depending on the size and complexity of the system. If you would like an audit of your ventilation systems, please contact on today.

We're known for our speed of mobilisation, nationwide capability and high standards - we are the preferred choice for the UK's major brands for their kitchen extract and supply ductwork cleaning needs.

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The importance of Kitchen Extract & Supply Ductwork cleaning

Over time kitchen canopy filters will accumulate a build up of grease particles which can become baked-on and impossible to remove by normal cleaning methods. 

This reduces the efficiency of the filters at trapping grease, thus shortening the life of the fan, and it can become a major fire hazard in a commercial kitchen. 

Our expert teams remove solidified cooking oils and carbon deposits, leaving your canopies, filters, ductwork and extract fans hygienically clean. 

An extract and supply ductwork deep clean works to keep the temperature and humidity levels to a minimum, and reduces unpleasant greasy odours within your commercial kitchen. 

A ventilation fan that is flowing freely again without the extra weight of grease and dirt build up will use significantly less energy and will be far more efficient at removing extracted air from the environment.

What to expect

Working in the commercial food sector requires compliance with strict hygiene standards under The Health and Safety Act and Food Hygiene Act.
We ensure that your kitchens are left spotless and we also provide professional ducting and extracting system cleaning so that your kitchen stays cleaner for longer.

Fast mobilisation

Our cleans are mobilised quickly and efficiently due to our nationwide coverage. We work out of hours at your convenience to minimise downtime.

Our commercial kitchen cleaners have requisite Health & Safety and Customer Care training.

The solution

Ventilation systems can get clogged by dust and dirt, potentially becoming a fertile breeding ground for a number of pathogens which can travel all around the building through its ventilation system.

Our cleaners will ensure that ventilation systems are regularly cleaned beyond the required standard.

Did you know?

By law, ventilation systems are required to be cleaned every two years. More frequent cleans are recommended for large structures and manufacturing buildings.

Our ventilation cleaners work with clients managing everything from office blocks to food manufacturing plants, ensuring that their ventilation systems are cleaned to exacting standards.

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  • We have 100% client satisfaction backed up by our ISO9001 for quality assurance.
  • We have £10m Public Liability and £10m Employer Liability Insurances.
  • We have an environmentally friendly approach to cleaning, which is certified by our ISO 14001 accreditation.
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