Rapid Response Anwhere in The UK .... Usually!

We get a fair number of calls over a one month period from clients who have either forgotten to organise the cleaning, didn't think it would need a clean, have been let down by other cleaning companies or just thought that they could do it themselves. These clients range from private tenants trying to organise a last minute end of tenancy clean to building contractors organising a builders or sparkle clean.

It constantly surprises us how many cleaning companies let their clients down either by simply not turning up or canceling the clean at the last minute. In all the years that we have been running we have never failed to carry out a clean once it has been organised.

24 hr turnaround on cleaning works

When these calls come in about 95% of the time we can get their cleaning needs organised for them. This ability we have around the UK.

We would of course prefer the clients to contact us sooner so that the cleaners can be organised well in advance and work apportioned correctly as last minute instructions by their nature carry a bigger financial cost than those organised well in advance.

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Rapid Response to Clients Cleaning needs


Rapid Response to Clients Cleaning needs

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