Stocking up on Supplies in January

January is usually a quiet month for us, and a time to prepare for the busy months ahead by getting all our contracts stocked up with cleaning supplies and consumables. Our teams have been busy the past 3 weeks stock-checking and ordering the right quantities for all our contract cleans from offices, to factories, show rooms to holiday lets. Our delivery teams now have the grand job of delivering supplies to each location over the course of next week. Thank you to everyone who has worked hard to meet the deadline of the end of the month - I think this year we can finally do it!

Of course this doesn't mean that we can stock everywhere up with a years' worth of supplies. Our teams work hard all year round stock-checking, ordering and delivering supplies to all our sites. Many products have limited a shelf life and many of the sites we work on simply don't have the storage room to carry lots of cleaning and janitorial stock. Imagine a years' worth of toilet rolls for a busy office!

Clients also change their minds about what products they'd like to use. Perhaps a change in the scent of an air freshener, a move over to a moisturizing hand soap in the winter months, or a switch from disposable hand towels to hand dryers. We like to offer a completely flexible service to our clients and know that this flexibility is something that is greatly valued in our customer base.

We also supply welcome packs to holiday lets and these can vary seasonally with many products having quite limited shelf-lives. This makes the job of stock-checking and ordering even more complex as it is vital not to over-stock. It takes someone meticulously looking through the bookings at a property and working out how much stock the place can realistically carry. Again; a big 'Well Done and Thank You' to our holiday let cleaning and management teams.

If you have commercial premises and would like to find out more about what we can offer you then please do get in touch. We'd love to hear from you and have the opportunity to provide you with our first class cleaning and janitorial supplies services.

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